Bassjackers sat down with us to chat of an epic series of randomness on upcoming collabs, reggae, hugs, and Swiss Army Knives


January 14th, 2016


What piqued your interest in DJing and what led you to pursue this career? 

Marlon: Clubbing raised the interest in DJing and I just started practicing it in my bedroom (with one ipod and one technics turntable haha). I loved doing it a lot and it kinda went from hobby to professional naturally. 

What thought process do you go through when developing your music?

Ralph: We always produce for the set. We try to get as much energy as possible to set off any crowd. That’s what is the typical Bassjackers sound; full of energy.

Have there been any difficult challenges or obstacles? 

Ralph: Nothing is easy, we continuously challenge ourselves. In the studio we keep on learning new tricks and we keep on developing our sets with new music and new techniques. 

What item can you not travel on tour without?

Marlon: Swiss Army Knife, you can fix anything with that MacGyver style.

What was it about “Beat Cut” that helped jumpstart your career?

Marlon: It got picked up by a few big DJ’s and one of them was Fedde Le Grand, who had just experienced a lot of success with “Put your hands up”. He played it a lot and being one of the biggest directed a lot of attention towards us.

How have the both of you been able to maintain such a collaborative and effective partnership for such a long time?

Ralph: We just always hug it out. Works like a charm.

Have you had any creative differences when producing your music?

Ralph: All the time!! From a DJ perspective Marlon wants music to be effective in a set, whilst I want it to be musically perfect as a producer. 

Marlon: We always meet in the middle, which makes it kinda unique.

Are there any new tracks or upcoming collabs you can tell us about?

Both: We have a lot in motion. Cant drop any names yet, but three collabs are upcoming. Further we have two solo’s in the pipeline, in which we incorporated some reggae influences. Really cool and exciting stuff, we really evolved in our sound.

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